RESTful API (REST API) Integrations

Know who is calling before you pick up the phone. Integrate your CRM or helpdesk system with 3CX. Have the customer record open and ready, and see when they called last and who they spoke to. Save your call center agent’s time and IMPRESS your customer. You will have happier customers, handle more calls and make more sales! The integration also allows you to call directly from your CRM system. Click on a number to initiate a call and log and journal the call at the same time. Incoming calls from new numbers allow you to create new customer records automatically. You’ll give your sales team wings.

3CX Cloud integration - REST API with your CRM / ERP

  • Calls

    • The outbound call origination – (Click-to-Call)

    •  Outgoing call information transfer to CRM

    •  Information about the incoming call transfer to CRM

    • Call history, duration, recording path

  • SMS

    • SMS sending

    • SMS getting

    • SMS afrer Missed call

    • SMS surveys

  • Customizations

RESTful API - 3CX Cloud

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